Thursday, 14 July 2011

My favorite younger chef - Anis Nabila.

Anis Nabilah is a Malaysian celebrity chef and media personality best
 known as the host of television cooking shows such as Icip-Icip, 
Sesedap Rasa, Enak Tradisi and Rasa-Rasa.
Hailing proudly from Subang Jaya, Selangor, Anis' passion for food 
developed at an early age. 
Whilst her siblings were out playing as children do, 
Anis would spend her days observing
 intently as her mother prepared the meals for their large family of 10. 
The countless hours spent in the kitchen with her mother
 were the foundationof what is now today a sound understanding of 
the various flavours of Malay cuisine.
Her childhood fascination with the culinary arts became a career pursuit as 
she enrolled in the Food Institute of Malaysia graduating 
with a Diploma in Culinary Arts in 2007. 
During her time at the FIM, Anis was able to showcase herself
 in several international cooking competitions held across Malaysia
 and won numerous awards and accolades
 one of the most memorable being the medal in the Culinaire 2007 competition.
Ever the hardworking and prolific chef, Anis has hosted five television cook-shows
 (Icip-Icip, Sesedap Rasa, Enak Tradisi, Rasa-Rasa and Food Short) in just over a year. 

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